Will is passionate about sailing since he was little.
In 2005, he discovered Kitesurfing and got immediately into it.

He studied for 8 months in the north of France to pass his BPJEPS (French Kite Instructor Certificate) and worked for 5 years in one of the biggest Kite schools in the South of France (Hyeres les palmiers, Almanarre).

His passion for adventure was strong and he decided to buy a 30 ft sailboat and crossed the Atlantic with 3 friends in 2012.

Union Island was their first stop after 21 days at sea. He immediately fell in love with the Grenadines and the people there.

After traveling around the Caribbean for 1 year (Antigua, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Dominica, Los Roques, Curacao…),
he decided to come back to the Grenadines – Union Island.

Here, he met Jade and he set anchor in 2013.

Sharing both the same passion for the Sea, Surf and Kite, Will then opened his own Kite School
Kite Trip Grenadines” in Union Island.

Will speaks French, English and Spanish.


BPJEPS (French Kite Instructor Certificate)

 First Aid Certification