Learning to kitesurf in The Grenadines with us
is safe and easy!

Lessons are available in the Southern Grenadines: Union Island, Mayreau and the Tobago Cays.
Kite Trip Grenadines provides top quality lessons and a great experience.

All levels are welcome!

Our Lessons

kite trip grenadines
  • We offer beginner lessons for those who have never touched a kite before.
    Your instructor will be there every step of the way: helping you feel comfortable with the kite, body dragging in the water, encouraging your first water start, and guiding you to go up wind and be independent.
  • We also offer advanced courses for those who want to perfect their riding or their tricks.
    Kite Trip Grenadines offers private or duo lessons so you can learn faster and enjoy every minute of the course.

Our courses are delivered by boat to insure security and comfort.

The instructor is always with you! Once in the water he will follow you with a safety boat and give you advice.

Included during the lesson:

  • All kite equipment (board, kite with bar, harness, helmet, lifejacket and water slippers if needed)
  • Safety boat
  • Experienced and certified instructor – BPJEPS and IKO certified. More than 10 years experience with all kinds of public.
  • If you already know how to kite and have you own gear we also provide drop off and security.

Our Gear

We work with DUOTONE

kite with bar, kite board (twin tip), harness, helmet, lifejacket.

Our Services


For a half day or a full day, come and test the DUOTONE material
You must of course confirm your level upon your arrival.


Kite Trip Grenadines is not able to accurately detect the level of Kitesurf (and responsibility) of its customers and can not be blamed, in case of injury, accident during the practice of Kitesurfing with equipment of rental. Each person kites under his own responsibility, knowing his level and possible risks related to currents, weather, the environment in the Grenadines.
Warranty: Kite Trip Grenadines will ask for an ID warranty. In case of any damage on the kite, Kite Trip Grenadines reserve the right to request additional 800 US$.


Come aboard to  ride on an accessible spot (flat, spacious, secure, …) managed by the Kite Trip Grenadines Team.

Drop and Supervision: 50 US$


We speak French, English and Spanish.