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Saint Vincent and The Grenadines is an archipelago of 32 beautiful and authentic islands.

Discover the unspoiled islands of the Grenadines and enjoy real Caribbean lifestyle.

With coral reefs and turquoise lagoons, it is a paradise for sea lovers: kitesurfers, sailors and divers.

Most of the Kitesurf spots are in the Southern Grenadines: Mayreau, Tobago cays and Union Island are where you will find the best spots and ideal conditions for advanced or beginner kiters.

Enjoy riding in a warm turquoise water!


Each island is worth visiting and has its own charm.


Mayreau is the smallest inhabited island of the Grenadines ( 250 inhabitants).
This island is one of our favorites, with only one village on top of the hill; there you can find traditional local bars and a beautiful church with a stunning view over the Tobago Cays.
There are two beautiful beaches in Mayreau, Salt Whistle Bay (kite on the windward side for advanced riders) and Saline Bay (no kite permitted) where you can anchor boats and enjoy a cocktail or have a nice dinner in one of the local beach restaurants.



The Tobago Cays are the jewel of the Grenadines.
This marine park reserve is composed of 5 small islands.
You can only launch your kite from the island called “James Bay” as it is a protected area, but you can kite in the Lagoon (out of the Yachts’ zone).
Get to snorkel in the reef, and swim with the turtles there.

You also can not miss a Lobster BBQ on the beach in “Petit Bateau”, an absolute must-do!



Union Island is where we are based.
Clifton Harbor” is a very charming , traditional village where you will find different bars, restaurants, shops, a good night life and wonderful people.

Don’t miss Sushi party every Thursday evening at La Cabane and Reggae night every Friday in «  The Waterfront Restaurant ». Both places located at the Bougainvilla hotel.




Our favorite spot is Fregate island (on the south east of Union) with flat,clear waters. It is where we usually do our lessons.

It is safe and secure, making it the best spot for beginners.